We look deeper at everything so that you can maximise the potential in your kitchen. Whether it's new ranges or clever innovations, they're all designed to help you make the most of the space. That cupboard? Look again. Extra space for you to entertain. That storage space? Extra worktop to use when you want it. Not to mention unique display options, so your guests get to look again at you, as much as your new kitchen.

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Put simply, all our bedrooms will be designed and built according to the space and shape of your room, your taste and your storage needs. Squeezing the maximum amount of storage space out of the most awkward of angles; even in a tiny bedroom. We will take the time to discuss your bedroom furniture needs while you choose from a wide range of styles and materials.
The practical advantage of sliding wardrobe doors is that they don’t stick out when open. That leaves you more space, so as well as bedrooms, they're great for walk-in closets or your hall.

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Tailored to every individual clients’ need as well as transforming spaces with bespoke furniture, the whole ethos of Dovetail Kitchens is centred on a custom, personal, tailored service, delivering unique results to each of its clients. Whether you need a tall fitted wardrobe, a bespoke bookcase, a fitted TV cabinet for a difficult shaped alcove or a whole loft conversion kitted out with custom shelving and closets– Dovetail Kitchens is on hand to create stylish and practical pieces. Specialising in contemporary storage solutions, we are passionate and supportive in every aspect of the design and completion of the project.

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